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ALJAZEERA INDUSTRIAL SERVICES IT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES is equipped with best technical and functional expertise people, which enable us to delivering excellence in implementation. It has strategic tie up with specialized companies from both US and India for certain specific applications. We provide the full range of web solutions and services package including application development, hosting, and maintenance. Our solutions team consists of expert multi-skilled designers and developers. The full range of products we deal in are-

Al Jazeera Industrial Services plays a vital role in a wide spectrum of industrial establishments. We deal in a full range of instrumentation products that are extensively used in a variety of core sector and casual enterprises. Our primary clients operate in a variety of sectors, such as steel, cement, power, oil refineries, etc. All our products are procured from reliable manufacturers and suppliers, such as Metso Automation, MTL Instruments, TC Ltd, Limitorque , ECOM Instruments, Precision Digital, TD Williamson, RTK Engineering LTD, FMC Technologies, to name a few. We deal in products ranging from flow control valves to thermocouples to electronic measuring equipment.

  • InspectNTrack
  • ALJ POS System
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Time Check

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InspectNTrack is a web-based inspection management software designed to schedule, track, and document inspection and maintenance activities or audits on any type of checkpoint. Used with Pocket PCs or tablets, it is the ideal solution for compliance based inspections regulated by any authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Why Use InspectNTrack?

Regulatory agencies, insurance carriers and internal company procedures can require companies to perform mandatory inspections that ensure a safe and secure physical environment. InspectNTrack assists in providing:

  • Compliance with regulatory mandates
  • Fast field data entry
  • Increased data integrity
  • Greater accuracy and improved efficiency
  • Mitigation of risk and liability
  • Promotion of the lean processes
  • Proactive management of inspections and findings
  • Procedure Standardization
  • Easy access to your data

InspectNTrack is designed to schedule and track any type of inspection including but not limited to:

Easily Create, Maintain, and Update Records such as:

  • Sites
  • Customers
  • Route and Zones
  • Task Intervals
  • Assets
  • Discrepancies

Review, Analyze and Track Data with Reports

  • History reports displaying the work that has been completed
  • Missed inspections
  • When the inspection was last performed
  • Reports showing what the User visited and documented during the inspection tour, including any incidents triggered Discrepancy records which can be used to track whether or not a reported problem has been corrected
  • Reports to show all open or closed discrepancies.

Eliminate Paper Logsheets and Manual Data Entry by Using a Pocket PC

  • Prompts the user with either pass/fail tasks or a question set comprised of one or several questions to answer Relates the questions to the checkpoint type being inspected
  • Create Incidents to track abnormalities or informational findings found during routine inspections
  • Manage a User’s workload by selecting specific routes or zones the user will visit

InspectNTrack is offered in 2 packages:

  • InspectNTrack Standard
  • InspectNTrack Enterprise - _Multi-sites, tablet functionality

What Do You Need To Use InspectNTrack?

A computer with internet access. InspectNTrack supports: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.

An optional tablet. The tablet connects directly to InspectNTrack via a web-browser requiring a WIFI connection. An optional handheld Pocket PC. The Pocket PC gathers data in batch mode and syncs to InspectNTrack after completion of the inspection route. Brady offers a variety of devices certified for use with InspectNTrack.

Optional barcode labels. Barcodes allow you to have audit ready records. The software tracks whether a checkpoint is scanned or manually visited, making the record an audit ready solution.

Medium to large organizations / Institutions have a need to integrate and collate information across the enterprise regarding their operations for better control and profitability. Sometimes it is important for the very survival depends on the availability of data, we bring the best of the breed along with professional implementation, training and excellent support.

ALJ POS is a complete POS and order management system for multi channel sales for small businesses. The POS works on a PC with automatic updates to your Inventory system. ALJ POS is an affordable and easy to use POS system.

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Real Time Vehicle tracking means that the device relays the information and its location live to your PC. In other words you can view the location and other information live and real time. With Trinetra’s Real time GPS Vehicle Tracking System, your mobile workforce need never be out of sight or mind. Trinetra offers real time data, including vehicle location, speed, idling, site visits, driver behaviour and much more.

Product Overview

Trinetra uses industry leading web technologies and cutting-edge hardware design to bring you the highest quality of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions. Trinetra Wireless is an innovative technology company with proven domain expertise, an advanced hardware design centre in Canada, a world-class embedded engineering and software development centre in India. With sales offices in 8+ global locations, we also work in partnership with channel partners and system integrators world-wide to provide quality solutions to our clients.

More information on Trinetra is available at

Trinetra offers unique advantages such as:

  • An integrated offering of GPS hardware and software
  • A fully hosted solution requiring no software installation
  • Real Time Position Information
  • Sensor Integration
  • Two-way communication process
  • Geozones & Custom Landmarks
  • Alerts via Email & SMS
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Extensive Reports

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TimeCheck is an enterprise grade Web-based software for processing time recorded using any Industry standard SmartCard or Biometric Terminals across Organization, including remote locations over the Intranet or Internet. TimeCheck is a complete Time & Attendance solution to improve your business productivity with instant processing of employee time and efficient management of Shifts, Leaves & Permission, overtime, month and Year Closures and much more, with provision for Payroll integration.

TimeCheck Overview

TimeCheck is a web enabled software tool and a global product for processing time recorded using any Industry standard smartcard or Biometric terminals across the organization including remote locations over intranet or internet. Known for its adaptability, to the organization’s business rules, TimeCheck helps managers to take timely decisions in running their operations by simplifying time-consuming routine of processing their employees’ attendance data, against the shifts and approved leaves to arrive at normal time and overtime. TimeCheck also ensures on-time payment of salaries, when integrated with payroll package. With greater flexibility over organization’s hierarchical reporting structure, TimeCheck protects sensitive employee information with comprehensive security layers and limits supervisors or managers with only their relevant information.

Why TimeCheck?

  • Accurate time recording information for specific areas.
  • Ability to use the data stored for management purposes.
  • Potential to link into automated payments for Payroll.
  • Operates according to Industry standard terminals, Smartcard & Biometric.
  • Suits Small, Medium and Enterprise organizations.
  • Excellent Tool for processing Time data like finding out the normal time and over time validating against the shifts, leaves, holidays, etc.
  • Simplifies the time-consuming routine of processing attendance data.
  • Reduces human errors & delays.
  • Protects both the employer’s and employee’s interests for a successful business.
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