Civil & Water

Our Civil and Water division aims to cater to the civil planning and civil water engineering sectors in Bahrain. We deal in a variety of products pertaining to these sectors, which includes manhole covers/ access covers, grating, water hammer arresters, drainage cups and related solutions. At Al Jazeera Industrial Services, we are committed to providing innovative and quality services for your projects. Armed with an experience catering to both domestic and commercial projects in the country, we are well equipped to help you find the most effective solutions for your civil engineering/ drainage plumbing projects. The complete range of products we deal in includes-

  • Manhole covers & frames
  • Plumbing & Drainage products

Sturdy manhole covers and frames should be strong enough to handle heavy foot/ vehicular traffic on a daily basis, yet should provide easy access into the drains for inspection and maintenance works. We primarily deal in drainage covers manufactured by Pam Access, who are known for developing quality drainage covers suitable for domestic and commercial purposes.


Heavy Duty Double Triangular

Heavy Duty Double Triangular Hinged




Heavy Duty Double Triangular

Medium Duty B125 Solid Top

Medium Duty C250 Solid Top

DIA Heavy Duty Cover


Heavy Duty D400 Watershed Grating

D400 Kerb Hinged Opening

D400 Waterway 1200 Grating

D400 REXUS Grating

D400 Double Torrent Grating

D400 Waterway 2000 Grating

D400 Water way 2400 Grating

Big Covers

Double Triangular “TELEPHONE”

Double Triangular Triple “TELEPHONE”

Channel Grate

D400 Standard Channel Grating

C250 Channel Grating

Surface Box Warrior Range

Surface Box

Fire Hydrant Box



Medium Duty SILTSEAL

Recessed Covers

Medium Duty B125 Recessed

Our comprehensive range of robust and light weight plumbing and drainage products is designed to provide viable solutions for both domestic and commercial operations. We continually strive to procure the best quality products for our clients, thus all our plumbing and drainage products are from Mifab- a trusted manufacturer in plumbing and associated products.

Access doors & pipe marke

Backwater valves


Fixtures carriers

Floor & wall cleanouts

Floors & area drains

Greas oils


Pressure reducing valves

Roof drains

Trap seal primers

Wall & grounds

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