MD Message

Hard work and diligence always pays off. This is one of the founding principles of Al Jazeera Industrial Services. Looking back at our beginnings in 1996, I am quite humbled by the extent of growth and development that the company has achieved in these two decades.

This success has to be attributed to our staff, clients and dealers and suppliers, without whom, none of this could have been possible. We have diversified into seven profitable sectors such as Instrumentation - Oil & Gas, Fire & Safety, Civil & Water, Mechanical & Marine, Forklifts Sales and Maintenance, Automotive - After Sales, Manhole cover, Fire extinguisher, steel strapping machines in Bahrain. Such a massive growth in the industry has been unprecedented, and we are proud of having achieved this feat.

I am extremely happy to know that each of these departments are under the care of adept and well experienced personnel. Each of these individual sectors work in tandem when required, thus forming a reliable and secure operational unit that provides the best services for our clients.

I sincerely hope that our company continues to grow and we continue to deliver quality services that meets our customers’ expectations.

Al Jazeera industrial Services

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